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Leadership For The Business Athlete



βœ… Module 1 - Create Consistent Habits with a Purpose List:
You will learn to unlock your purpose by creating a list of five daily tasks that nurture growth and implement strategies to consistently practice these habits while overcoming obstacles and celebrating progress. The module aims to equip you with the tools and knowledge needed to cultivate positive habits that unlock your full potential and help you achieve your goals.

βœ… Module 2 - Create a Vision
Guiding you through the process of envisioning your ideal life in the next 3-5 years, considering the potential impact of consistent effort and dedication. The module will help you craft a clear, compelling, and achievable vision that serves as a roadmap for your personal and professional growth, inspiring you to take action and make progress toward your long-term goals.

βœ… Module 3 - Align Your Mission and Achieve Objectives
You will learn how to define your personal mission statement, ensuring that it aligns with your vision and values. The module will teach you to break down your mission into specific, measurable, and achievable objectives, providing you with the tools and strategies needed to create actionable plans and track your progress.

βœ… Module 4 - Create Core Values
Creating Core Values focuses on the importance of identifying and establishing your personal core values, which serve as the guiding principles for your life and decision-making processes. In this module, you will learn how to define and prioritize your core values, ensuring that they align with your vision and mission. By having a clear set of core values, you will be better equipped to make decisions that are consistent with your beliefs and goals, leading to a more fulfilling and authentic life.

βœ… Module 5 - How to Build Teams
You will learn the essential skills and strategies needed to become an effective leader and create a highly motivated, high-performing team. The module will cover various aspects of team building, including identifying the right team members, fostering a positive team culture, setting clear goals and expectations, and providing ongoing support and guidance. B

βœ… Module 6 - Define Your Legacy
You will discover how to harness the combined power of the principles and strategies covered throughout the course to create a profound and lasting impact on the world. By embracing the Consistency, Action, Leadership, and Legacy (CALL) principles, you will learn to seamlessly align your habits, vision, mission, objectives, and core values, unlocking your true potential and embarking on a journey of unparalleled purpose and significance. This module will not only guide you through the process of defining your desired legacy but also equip you with the invaluable tools and mindset necessary to leave an indelible mark on the lives you touch.

That's Not All, These Tools, Resources, and Bonuses are also included:
βœ… Get the exact same advice and strategy I've used with myself and every team I've built over the last 20 years!
βœ… The Purpose List Workbook: Use this workbook to craft your own daily task list that will help you uncover your purpose!
βœ…Get my list of the exact tools and resources I use to achieve extraordinary results in team building, goal setting, and time management!
β€‹βœ…BONUS Private Community