“You might just be one connection away from changing your life.”

We’ve heard this before. Well, I like to think I am that connection.

You can call me Nate. Or, as some refer to me, ya’ boy Nate Dogg. (The ‘90s hip-hop in me is cool with that.)

I’m your warm, welcoming, kick-ass business coach with a heart and passion for fitness, strategic business growth, and helping you make more money.

Whether as...
A Business Coach with more than 25 years in the growing businesses
A Super Connector with an eye for how your next connection can be your biggest opportunity

A Social Media Brand Building expert who can help you do the same

...I can truly offer something to everyone.

So, pull up a chair, read on, and set up Spark Session Call so we can connect.


Business Coaching. It’s not only what I am known for; it’s also what I do.
After spending decades in the corporate business world, I quickly became the go-to expert with extensive experience in the purchasing space.
I have negotiated more than a BILLION dollars in business and influenced billions more through partnerships.
And that’s not the only space I have built Six Figure Business. I’ve been in the trenches as a contractor in the worst economic downturn in recent history and grew an online wine store to one of the biggest purchasers of high-end wine shipped across the country.
I’ve been an Advisor and Angel Investor in start-up fitness apparel brands to clean technology innovation companies.
But my experience isn’t built only on successes. I’ve failed many times, and I can tell you the lessons learned from failure lead to the most growth. I have a treasure chest of what not to do stories to keep you out of trouble!

- Business Foundations
- Acquisition & Retention
- Marketing & Branding
- Growth & Scaling
- increasing Revenues


Like all of our journeys, I have accomplished a lot that makes me truly proud. Yet, it’s not the collection of titles that gets my heart pounding; it’s the conversion of stories.
It’s how I can help you do the same. I want to help you build bridges of opportunity instead of getting lost on the highway of obscurity.

I likely know who you need to know, and my passion is helping you get to know that person. But I won’t know until we chat.
So, let’s make it happen.


“It’s not about vanity; it’s about value.”
- 20,000 connections and counting
- 10,000s of conversations and counting
If you are NOT building your influence, audience, network, and community on Social Media, I hate to break it to you: What you have today can be gone tomorrow without it.
I am taking decades of experience, along with my passions, and packaging it up to work with the best damn coaches the industry has ever seen. I’ve had mentors and advocates that have shaped who I am today, and it's a chance for me to open doors and help others find their inner Greatness!
As the famous 90’s rapper Ice Cube once said,
“You know it’s a smash hit when you got Nate Dogg working on it! This is your invitation to the Fit Biz Nation!”

Let's Connect!