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Diversify Your Tribe

Aug 07, 2023

The Find Your Tribe people got it wrong…


A few years ago, there was a lot of talk about how social media allowed us to find our tribes, and connect with people with the same interests we do at a scale and ease never seen before in human history…


And we found our tribes didn’t we? We found people who think just like us, and it felt good. 


The only problem is, they were too much like us. We lost exposure to a diversity of ideas, experiences, and backgrounds.  We entered echo chambers and validation of what we knew…


I bring this up because I’ve been bored with LinkedIn. 


Bored seeing the same style posts in the same formula from the same people. 


Where are the fresh ideas? The best innovators? Are the ones doing it differently?


I don’t want to learn all I can from Johnny Jedi!!!


I want to learn from the eccentric master who lives on a small planet in the middle of bum-fuck universe!


I want to learn from the one who failed and lives in exile…


And that’s when I realized that LinkedIn sucks now is my fault…


What have I done to have a different voice?


Have I sought out diversity?


Have I been diverse?


The answer is no.  


There is a saying: be the change you want to see in the world, but you can’t make that change being surrounded by the people who are exactly you.


You, me, We!!! We need to surround ourselves with diverse people who can provide diversity and represent the change we want to see in their own way! 




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