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What is the real let down in life?

Jun 11, 2023

Have you heard of the hero's journey? It's a well-known concept in storytelling, but let me explain it to you if you're unfamiliar.

The hero's journey is a powerful storytelling tool that places the audience in the role of the hero. It follows a simple yet captivating structure. It all begins when the hero leads an ordinary life, going about their business. Then, something extraordinary happens—an epiphany that forever alters their perspective. This newfound realization compels the hero to embark on a life-changing quest.

However, the hero quickly realizes they cannot accomplish this task alone. That's when they encounter a guide who can provide them with the inner strength and knowledge needed to complete their journey. In my case, I'll be your guide. Together, we'll overcome challenges and face powerful adversaries. Ultimately, the hero emerges victorious, returning home to share their heroic tale.

The hero's journey can be seen in many popular stories. Take Luke Skywalker, for example, who finds his mentor in Obi-Wan Kenobi, destroys the Death Star, and is celebrated as a brave hero.
But here's the part that often goes untold: what happens after the hero returns home. Like his mentor Obi-Wan, Luke faced additional challenges and ultimately became a hermit in seclusion. Many of us can relate to Luke's struggles.

As we progress in our careers, we experience victories, overcome obstacles, and succeed. However, there comes a point where we hit a plateau. We may feel like we've reached our full potential and become complacent or stagnant. This is a significant setback—an epic failure in its own right.
But we don't have to accept mediocrity and hide from our potential. Our story doesn't end there. Getting stuck happens to everyone, but not everyone can break free from it.

The actual failure lies in not making progress, in possessing incredible abilities and knowledge but failing to utilize them for good. We've learned so much along our journey that we sometimes forget how to serve and help others find their paths. In doing so, we discover our purpose and continue to grow.

I'm Nate, dedicated to building homes, communities, and leaders. I may not have all the answers, but I refuse to become a hermit hiding from life's possibilities. Follow me for life philosophy, career advice, humor, and the motivation to unlock your unlimited potential. Together, we can ignite a spark within you that leads to boundless opportunities!

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